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Frequently asked questions

You have questions. We have answers.
How do I get started?
Because most requests for letters arrive in your inbox, all your interaction with carbondraft will happen via email.

1. Forward the email containing the request, any notes you'd like to include in the draft, and relevant attachments to If you prefer upload forms, we have one of those too. Our system processes the information and saves its contents securely.

2. You'll receive an email confirming details about the draft, along with a payment link.

3. If everything looks good, click the "Get Draft" button to proceed with your payment.

4. If something is not quite right, reply to the email with corrections or modifications, and get a new confirmation email.

5. Once payment is complete, a draft is created and delivered via email with a link to your draft file.

It's a streamlined process designed for ease and efficiency!
What kind of drafts can you make?
We are currently drafting letters for admission, fellowships, awards, jobs, internships, and other types of letters of recommendation/letters of support. We also draft manuscript cover letters or employment cover letters. We are expanding to include more types so check back soon.
How quickly will my draft be ready?
We work super fast! Most requests are completed in just three minutes. However, more complex drafts may require a few extra minutes.
How can I ensure a good first draft?
To ensure a high-quality first draft, it's vital to provide GhostLetter with all the necessary information in the email request.

In the body of the email:
Clearly state the letter type: start by indicating if it's a fellowship, award, job, collaborative, or cover letter request.
Ask your requestor for direct links: including direct links to the fellowship, award, or job allows carbondraft to fetch relevant information and tailor the letter better.
Forward an email request: if your fellowship, award, or job application comes as an email request, you can forward it directly to carbondraft to ensure we have all the context.
Personalized notes: generic requests provide generic letters. Write a few notes of what you'd like carbondraft to focus on, such as personal attributes, anecdotes, or accomplishments.

Attachments: Include specific attachments tailored for each letter type:
Fellowship, Award, or Job: Attach a résumé or CV. If you've received an email request from an institution or organization, you can forward that directly to carbondraft. Including a link to the specific fellowship, award, or job allows carbondraft to gather more detailed information.
Collaborative: Attach the grant or abstract detailing the collaboration.
Cover Letter: Include the manuscript you're submitting.

By ensuring all this information is provided upfront, carbondraft can deliver a targeted and specific first draft catered to your needs.
How can I get the draft to sound like me?
When you request a draft, you can also include a letter you previously wrote for us to use as a template. We will do our best to match the structure and tone of that letter.
Do I need to start with an email forward?
No, you can email at any time.

A forwarded email makes it easier for carbondraft to determine who the letter writer is, who the letter will be about, and who is receiving the letter. However, you might be using carbondraft to prepare a letter for yourself, on behalf of someone else. If this is the case, be sure to do two things:

Be explicit about who the letter will be from, who it will be about, and who it will be addressed to. If Jack is writing a letter for Jill, make sure that Carbondraft doesn't think Jill is the letter writer. Also, be explicit about the type of letter. If Carbondraft gets any of these details wrong on the first try, reply to the summary email to correct the mistakes. Carbondraft is pretty good about figuring out these important details.

If you're drafting a letter about yourself for someone else to sign, tell them they owe you $9.
What software do you use to generate the drafts?
We use a range of software, but our main tech stack uses AWS, python, and R.
Is there a limit to the number of drafts I can make?
There is no limit at all! You can submit as many draft requests as you want and you will be charged only for the drafts we craft for you.
Who are the draft writers?
We built carbondraft using commercially available large-language models along with a little bit of 'special sauce'.
What if my draft is inaccurate?
While we strive for 100% accuracy, your draft can include information that is not correct. We recommend you edit out any errors. It is, after all, a first draft.
What if I don't like my draft?
While we cannot guarantee text that sounds exactly like you, our goal is to provide a useful first draft to accelerate your letter writing. If you are unhappy with your draft, write to us. Forward your draft to, along with a short explanation of why you are unhappy, and we will send you a code to regenerate the draft using one of your previous letters as a template at no charge.
Is it unethical to use a carbondraft?
Carbondraft is a tool to assist and accelerate your writing process. It is not a replacement for a thoughtfully crafted letter. Using carbondraft is considered ethical as long as you personalize the drafts to reflect your original thoughts and opinions. Because disclosing the use of AI-based technologies is becoming more commonplace, we include carbondraft's initials in the style of a typist (YOURINITIALS/cd) as the last element of the draft for your convenience.
How long do you save my letter?
We save your letter and the materials your submitted to generate it for 30 days only and then it is erased. After that, we have no way of retrieving it, and it's gone forever.
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